Workshop Venue

Workshop Venue


Ramada Hotel & Suites Adana awaits its guests with its relaxing atmosphere, conspicuous hospitality, 24-hour expectation-sensitive services and facilities with its 93 spacious standard, 20 suite rooms, designed in a Modern style where you can relax with its concept after a busy working day.


Our hotel is located in Kuruköprü Square, where every corner smells of history, and is only a few minutes away from important Center. Ramada Hotel & Suites Adana, modern decoration has been prepared with high-level security and technological materials, and it will be the constant address of your holiday and business trips with a total of 113 rooms, including Standard, Deluxe, Superior, Executive Suite, King Suite and Family Suite, for distinguished guests and the business world.

Transport (Distance to Ramada Hotel & Suites Adana)

Sakirpasa International Airport    2.7 Km                                              

M1 Adana Mall                            9.4 Km

Esas 01 Burada Mall                  1.6 Km                                             

Stonebridge(Taşköprü)               1.4 Km

Optimum Mall                             2.0 Km                                             

Great Clock Tower(Büyük Saat)1.2 Km

Stadium                                     12.0 Km                                            

Medicine and Dentistry Museum 1.5 Km

Must See Places

Karataş Magarsus    49 Km     

Kozan Castle            78 Km    

Yumurtalık                 80 Km    

 Kapıkaya Canyon     67 Km      

Saimbeyli Castle        158 Km

Süleyman Tower         81 Km     

Varda Bridge               67 Km    

Hippocampos Mosaics  80 Km  

 Kızıldağ Plateau           74 Km   

Snakecastle(Yılankale) 46 Km    

Ağyatan Bird Sanctuary 57 Km   

Anavarza                        65 Km   

Akyatan Bird Sanctuary  57 Km   

Medicine and Dentistry Museum  1.5 Km

Feke Black Church and Castlle 131 Km

Saimbeyli Obruk Waterfall  160 Km

Tufanbeyli Sar Komana Trip 210 Km

Great Clock Tower(Büyük Saat)  1.2 Km

Secrets of Adana...

Travelers who want to discover the secrets and gourmet delicacies of Adana, and guide them on the excursion route that starts at the door of the Ramada Hotel & Suites Adana and ends in front of the Ramada Hotel & Suites, for a distance of 4300 meters in 5100 steps, by walking from İnönü Street to the direction of Stonebridge, one of the symbols of Adana on the Seyhan river. It is an indispensable travel route for Culture tour agencies.

On this track, İnönü Park which draws attention with its gigantic rubber trees, Central Mosque which is the largest mosque in Turkey and the Middle East, with 6 minarets and a capacity of 28500 people, Atatürk House, Cinema Museum, Adana city walls ruins, Tepebağ Tumulus green Masjid, historical with its interesting story. Mustafa Akyürek Pharmacy, Taşköprü historical Girls' High School, Ulu Mosque Complex Ramazanoğulları mansion, the biggest clock tower in Turkey, the historical Bedesten, which is rumored to be the place where Adana kebab was invented, the historical earnings restaurant around the Grand Bazaar, the liver bazaar, the boilers, the tinsmiths' Bazaar, historical Confectioners' Bazaar, Oil Mosque Complex, Hasanogullari Mosque, Kemeraltı Mosque, Bebekli Church and Yeni Mosque can be seen.