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Dear friends of the Black Fungi,

Our workshop on black yeast and allied fungi in Adana, Turkey, 11-12 May 2023, is taking shape. Below you can find a provisional outline of the program. The workshop will cover environmental black fungi, where a main theme will be extremotolerance, as well as medical aspects, with developments on chromoblastomycosis and CARD9-related disease.

The workshop venue will be the Ramada Hotel in Adana ( in the heart of the city center. We hope you will be able to join physically, to experience the pleasant atmosphere of our workshops, and to enjoy Turkish hospitality. All participants are invited to present their work, which provides an excellent opportunity for students to give a talk for an international public. A website with registration options will be online soon. Alternatively, just send a mail to local organizer Macit Ilkit (

The Adana region has an impressive history in medicine. The world’s first medical school, founded by Hippocrates, was located in Yumurtalik, close to Adana. We are happy to announce that Haluk Uygur, MD., a famous historician, will give an opening talk. We will then hear whether a transplantation of a black leg to a white person, as depicted below, has really taken place 2000 years ago. You will also be able to enjoy the delicious food served around Adana.

The weather in May is pleasant and sunny, with day temperatures around 25°C. Light clothing is recommended.

The workshop will be truly international. Deadline for abstract submission will be March 10, 2023. Note that you are invited to contribute to a special issue on black fungi of the journal ‘Mycopathologia’.

See you in Spring in Adana!

Macit Ilkit

Laura Selbmann

Peiying Feng

Sybren de Hoog