Adana City

Three great rivers ... Seyhan... Ceyhan…and Berdan….

These rivers throughout history carried the Taurus Mountains fertilities that filled with flowers.

Lying between the highest peaks of Taurus Mountains and Mediterranean the cradle of civilizations, Cukurova considered as one of the most productive regions in the world. With the power of fertility, Cukurova was also home for oldest and most important cities in the history.

Anavarza... Tarsus... Misis... Magarsus...  Sis...  Ayas... and many more...

Among these cities the oldest one called Adania…

Approximately 3.500 year ago from the present day Hittite Emperor Arnuwanda described Adania on a stone saying…

“I fought a city called Adania… there was a river in front of me… as well as a bridge over the river…” The Emperor clearly talking about the River Seyhan. The bridge over the river nowadays titled: “World’s oldest bridge that still been used” is likely to be “Stone Bridge”.

We can give 50 or more castes in the region, dozens of ancient cities, 3 oldest bridges in the world, historical caravansaries, sanctuary for all regions as an example.

Adana still considered to be the oldest city in the world due to the fact that name of the city and the place where it was founded not changed. Adana is also known as “The City of Prosperity and Beginnings.” For instance, world’s oldest medical and pharmacy book called “Materia Medica”, written in Adana by the Anavarzian doctor Dioskorides.

The first medical school in Yumurtalik, a district in Adana, is believed to be founded by Hippocrates. In legends it is believed that the first organ transplant made by Cosmo and Damian; stiching a black males leg to a white male at 2000-year-old school called Aeskulapion.

The world first known written treaty “Kadesh Peace Treaty” signed by the the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses and the Hittite Emperor Hattushili as well as Hittite Queen Puduhepa who is she born in Adana. That is why Adana is also known as “The city that peace was born”.

By coming on such an important line in history, Adana considered to be easiest cities to live nowadays.

Built around Seyhan Lake and Seyhan River blue as an eye talisman Adana, covers green areas so large that they make jealous of many cities around the world.

One of the 11 bird conservation areas in the region in Adana, considered to be only ones in the world. These rare areas not only embraces birds and plants but embraces people as well.

This city also raised Turkey’s most important artists in their field, nowadays people enjoy many art activities in Adana as well.

Adana hosts many art and culture festivals such as Altinkoza the city of Yasar Kemal’s, Orhan Kemal’s, Turhan Selcuk’s, Sahin Kaygun’s, Abidin and Arif Dino’s, Orange Flower Festival, Cukurova Art Days. Hosting like these becomes even more beautiful with the help of foods that being offered.

Other than Adana Kebab a world-renowned flavor, there are hundreds of dishes offered exclusively in Adana. Briefly, Adana is a very easy to place to live with opportunities offered both inhabitants and guests. If you want to enjoy this vast beauty where blue and green live on with harmony we would be honored have you in Adana and Cukurova.